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cover Learn J2ME Polish for real with the Pro J2ME Polish book. Order it now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and similar webshops.
The book is also available at Apress as an eBook. Indispensable? Yes, according to Mark Spritzler on http://saloon.javaranch.com.


Following downloads are available:


Please submit errata if you find any.

Following errata are known:

  • Pages 19, 20: On Mac OS X you need to control-click instead of command-click for getting the context menu.
  • Page 141, Table 10-1: values for unsigned shorts range from 0 to (1^16 - 1).
  • Page 243, When you use the "antcall" <preprocessor>, the ${polish.sourcedir} Ant property points to the preprocessed source code, the ${polish.source} property points to the directory which provides the original source code.
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