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The <deviceRequirements> Section

Select your target devices in the <deviceRequirements> section!

Select the devices that you want to target in the <deviceRequirements> section. You will typically target one generic device such as the Generic/AnyPhone or Generic/AnyMsaPhone along with some platform specific target phones like BlackBerry/7.1 or Generic/android2.3.

<deviceRequirements if="test">
	<requirement name="Identifier" value="Generic/AnyMsaPhone" />
<deviceRequirements unless="test">
	<requirement name="Identifier" value="Generic/AnyMsaPhone,Nokia/Series60E3,BlackBerry/7.1,Generic/android2.3,Generic/android4.0" />

You can use any device capabilities for choosing your target devices:

<deviceRequirements if="test">
	<requirement name="Identifier" value="Generic/AnyMsaPhone" />
<deviceRequirements unless="test">
	<requirement name="Term" value="polish.api.mmapi and (polish.midp2 or polish.midp3)" />

In this example two alternative device-selections are defined - when the test-property is set to true (by defining it with <property name="test" value="true" />), only the upper <deviceRequirements> element is used and the second <deviceRequirements> element is ignored. The actual requirements are defined with the sub elements <requirement>. Without any clarification, all listed requirements need to be fulfilled by the device to be selected. There are <or>, <and>, <not> and <xor> elements, which can be used to define the requirements very flexible.

Supported Attributes

Following attributes are supported by the device-requirements section:

deviceRequirements-Attribute  Required  Explanation
if No The name of the Ant-property which needs to be "true" or "yes" to use this <deviceRequirements>.
unless No The name of the Ant-property which needs to be "false" or "no" to use this <deviceRequirements>.

Following nested elements can be used in a <deviceRequirements> element:

deviceRequirements element  Required  Explanation
requirement Yes The requirement which needs to be fulfilled by the device.
and No Series of requirements, of which all need to be fulfilled.
or No Series of requirements, of which at least one needs to be fulfilled.
xor No Series of requirements, of which one needs to be fulfilled.
not No Series of requirements, of which none must be fulfilled.

The actual work is done by the <requirement> element:

requirement-Attribute  Required  Explanation
name Yes The name of the needed capability, e.g. "BitsPerPixel".
value Yes The needed value of the capability, e.g. "4+" for a color depth or at least 4 bits per pixel.
type No The class which controls this requirement. Either a class which extends the de.enough.polish.ant.requirements.Requirement class, or one of the base types "Size", "Int", "String", "Version" or "Memory". Example: <requirement name="MaxMidletSize" value="100+ kb" type="Memory" />

The <or>, <and>, <not> and <xor> elements can be nested in any manner:

	<requirement name="BitsPerPixel" value="4+" />
		<requirement name="JavaPackage" value="nokia-ui, mmapi" />
			<requirement name="JavaPackage" value="mmapi" />
			<requirement name="JavaPlatform" value="MIDP/2.0+" />

In this example each supported device must have a color depth of at least 4 bits per pixel. Additionally the device needs to support either the Nokia-UI-API and the Mobile Media-API (mmapi), or the Mobile Media-API and the MIDP/2.0 platform.

Instead of using such nested requirements, you can also use the "Term" requirement that allows you to select devices with the same power like the #if preprocessing directive. The following example includes the very same requirements like the above one - but only one "Term" requirement is used:

	<requirement name="Term" 
	value="(polish.BitsPerPixel >= 4) and 
		((polish.api.nokia-ui and polish.api.mmapi) 
		or (polish.api.mmapi and polish.midp2))" />

J2ME Polish provides several requirements that can be used "out of the box":

requirement-name  Explanation
BitsPerPixel Needed color depth of the device: 1 is monochrome,
4 are 16 colors,
8 = 256 colors,
16 = 65.536 colors,
24 = 16.777.216 colors.
"4+" for at least 4 bits per pixel or "16" for precisely 16 bits per pixel.
<requirement name="BitsPerPixel" value="4+" />
ScreenSize Required width and height of the display, e.g. "120+ x 100+" for a resolution of at least 120 pixels horizontally and 100 pixels vertically.
<requirement name="ScreenSize" value="120+ x 100+" />
ScreenWidth The needed horizontal resolution of the display , e.g. "120+" for at least 120 pixels.
<requirement name="ScreenWidth" value="120+" />
ScreenHeight The needed vertical resolution of the display, e.g. "100+" for at least 100 pixels.
<requirement name="ScreenHeight" value="100+" />
CanvasSize Required width and height of the MIDP-Canvas. Some devices do not allow the usage of the complete screen.
<requirement name="CanvasSize" value="120+ x 100+" />
JavaPlatform The needed platform, e.g. "MIDP/1.0" or "MIDP/2.0+".
<requirement name="JavaPlatform" value="MIDP/2.0+" />
JavaConfiguration The needed platfconfiguration, e.g. "CLDC/1.1+".
<requirement name="JavaConfiguration" value="CLDC/1.1+" />
JavaPackage Needed APIs, e.g. "nokia-ui, mmapi":
<requirement name="JavaPackage" value="nokia-ui, mmapi" />
JavaProtocol Needed data exchange protocols, e.g. "serial, socket":
<requirement name="JavaProtocol" value="serial,socket" />
HeapSize The needed heap size of the device, e.g. "200+ kb" or "1.1+ MB"
<requirement name="HeapSize" value="200+kb" />
Vendor The vendor of the device, e.g. "Nokia" or "Siemens".
<requirement name="Vendor" value="Nokia, SonyEricsson" />
Identifier The identifier of the device, e.g. "Nokia/N95 ".
<requirement name="Identifier" value="Nokia/N95 , SonyEricsson/P900" />
Feature A feature which needs to be supported by the device.
<requirement name="Feature" value="supportsPointer" />
Term A preprocessing term that needs to be fulfilled by the device. You can use this flexible requirement just like the //#if-preprocessing directive in your source code.
<requirement name="Term" value="polish.mmapi and !polish.isVirtual and (polish.Vendor != Nokia)" />