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A Gauge using a gauge-cycling-icons view-type The Gauge allows you visualize ongoing tasks or to enter a value from an integer range.


The above Gauge has been designed with following styles:

.busyIndicator {
    view-type: gauge-cycling-icons;
    gauge-cycling-icons-image: url( red.png );
    gauge-cycling-icons-highlight-image: url( yellow.png );
    gauge-cycling-icons-highlight-center-image: url( green.png );
    gauge-cycling-icons-count: 10;
    gauge-cycling-icons-highlight-count: 3;

You can use following attributes for designing a Gauge:


Use the Gauge like the MIDP javax.microedition.lcdui.Gauge:

int max = 20;
int current = 5;
boolean isInteractive = true;
//#style gaugeItem
this.gauge = new Gauge( "Tempo:", isInteractive, max, current );
this.form.append( this.gauge );

//#style .busyIndicator
Gauge busyIndicator = new Gauge( null, false, Gauge.INDEFINITE, Gauge.CONTINUOUS_RUNNING );


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