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GUI Localization

The J2ME Polish GUI uses several texts, which can be localized using variables. The following variables can be set either in the build.xml or within the messages.txt file:

Variable  Default  Explanation
polish.command.ok OK The label for the OK-menu-item, which is used Screen-menus when the "menu"-fullscreen-mode is used.
polish.command.cancel Cancel The label for the Cancel-menu-item.
polish.command.select Select The label for the Select-menu-item, which is used by an implicit or exclusive List or ChoiceGroup.
polish.command.mark Mark The label for the Mark-menu-item of a multiple List or ChoiceGroup.
polish.command.unmark Unmark The label for the Unmark-menu-item of a multiple List or ChoiceGroup.
polish.command.options Options The label for the menu when several menu-items are available.
polish.command.delete Delete The label for the Delete-menu-item, which is used by TextFields.
polish.command.clear Clear The label for the Clear-menu-item, which is used by TextFields.
polish.title.input Input The title of the native TextBox which is used for the actual input of text. This title is only used, when the corresponding TextField-item has no label. When the TextField has a label, that label is used as a title instead.

The following example shows the definition of some of these variables within a messages.txt file:


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