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Designing Your Mobile Applications

J2ME Polish combines the power of the mobile Java world with the flexibility of webdesigns by separating the design settings from the application's source code. By using the web-standard Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), customizing and designing of applications becomes very easy and flexible. With J2ME Polish any web-designer can now design mobile applications, while the programmers can concentrate on the business logic!


The J2ME Polish GUI uses some basic concepts:

  • Develop your GUI with the normal javax.microedition.lcdui classes like Form, List or TextField - or use the corresponding de.enough.polish.ui classes.
  • Use additionally J2ME Polish custom components like TabbedForm, TreeItem, ChoiceTextField and so on.
  • If you need further control over standard javax.microedition.lcdui components like setting the input mode of an TextField, use de.enough.polish.ui.UiAccess.
  • Add #style directives to your applications source code for connecting your code with the design
  • Design and customize your application by using simple CSS texfiles
  • Configure additional GUI options in your build.xml script

Please read the tutorial for a better understanding of J2ME Polish' inner workings.

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