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A FilteredList.
The FilteredList allows you to limit the number of shown entries by entering some text. This speeds up the time for finding a specific entry in a long result list, for example.


The FilteredList in the screenshot is a popup screen and has been realized using following CSS settings:

.filterPopupStyle {
	repaint-previous-screen: true;
	margin: 10;
	margin-bottom: 0;
	padding: 5;
	background-color: black;
	/* not needed, since .filterTextFieldStyle is used by default:
	filter-style: filterTextFieldStyle;

.filterTextFieldStyle {
	margin-left: 2;
	margin-right: 2;
	before: url( search.png );
	background {
		color: white;
		border-color: black;
	layout: expand | left;

By default the TextField of a FilteredList is designed using the .filterTextFieldStyle, you can specify you own style using the filter-style attribute.

CSS Attributes for a FilteredList

You can use following CSS attributes for a FilteredList:

CSS Attributes for items within a FilteredList

You can design items added to a FilteredList with the following CSS attributes:


You can use the FilteredList like a normal javax.microedition.lcdui.List for most parts. Please note that you should not set an ItemStateListener on a FilteredList, unless you want to filter entries by yourself.
Please refer to the List documentation for further details.


You can configure if List should not show commands like "Select" for implicit and exclusive Lists or "Mark" for multiple lists. By default such commands are shown. Specify these configuration settings in the variables section of your build.xml script. Please refer to the List documentation for further details.


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