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A ticker scrolls information over a screen and can include images in J2ME Polish.


A ticker in action
The above example has been realized with the following CSS code:

colors {
	fontColor: #222;
	fontShadowColor: #fff;
.mailTicker {
	ticker-step: 1;
	padding-horizontal: 5;
	layout: vertical-center;
	icon-image: url( sending.png );
	font-color: fontColor;
	font-size: small;
	text-effect: shadow;
	text-shadow-color: fontShadowColor;

Specific design attributes:


You can exchange the image of the ticker by calling UiAccess.setTickerImage( Ticker ticker, Image image ). You can also apply a style to a ticker by calling the screen's setTicker( Ticker ticker ) method with a #style preprocessing directive:

//#style alarmTicker
form.setTicker( ticker );

You can also add Ticker as a normal, yet constantly animated item by calling UiAccess.appendTicker( Ticker ticker, Form form ).


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