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fisheye view-type

The fisheye view-type smoothly scales all items and aligns them horizontally on MIDP 2.0+ devices. You can also have a look at the "fisheye" sample application.


.mainScreen {
	padding: 2;
	padding-left: 10;
	padding-right: 10;
	background {
		type: horizontal-stripes;
		first-top-color: rgb(165,190,247);
		second-top-color: white;
		first-bottom-color: blue;
		second-bottom-color: black;
	layout: horizontal-expand | horizontal-center | vertical-center;
	view-type: fisheye;
	fisheyeview-scale-start: 70%;
	fisheyeview-scale-end: 40%;
	fisheyeview-alpha-start: 200;
	fisheyeview-alpha-end: 80;
	fisheyeview-remove-text: true;		

CSS attributes:


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