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Visual Guide to Borders

This guide shows you borders that you can use for all Items and Screens. You can apply every border using the CSS border attribute:

.itemMain {
	layout: expand | left;
	font {
		face: system;
		size: medium;
		style: bold;
		color: #000000;
.itemMain:hover {
	background {
		type: round-rect-translucent;
		color: #adffffff;
		arc-width: 8;
		arc-height: 8;
	border {
		type: square-sonar;
		inner-color: #d2d2;
		outer-color: #4161;

When you want to use the same border for several items or screens, you should define the border within the borders section of your resources/polish.css file, so that only one instance of the border is being used.

For including an Item's label into the border, please refer to the Label documentation.

You can also realize your own border with J2ME Polish!

bottom Border

The bottom border paints a line underneath a UI component.

bottom-right-shadow Border

The bottom-right-shadow border paints a straight border at the bottom and right of the UI component.

circle Border

The circle border paints a circle around the UI component.

drop-shadow Border

drop-shadow border
The drop-shadow border paints a soft and translucent shadow around the UI component.

left Border

The left border paints a line on the left side of an UI component.

pulsating Border

The pulsating border paints an animated rectangluar border around the UI component.

pulsating-round-rect Border

The pulsating-round-rect border paints an animated border with rounded corners around the UI component.

right Border

The right border paints a line right of the UI component.

round-rect Border

Surround an item or a screen with a rectangle with rounded corners using the round-rect border.

simple Border

The simple border paints a rectangular border around the UI component.

square-sonar Border

Surround a UI element with moving rectangular lines using the square-sonar border.

top Border

The top border paints a line over the UI component.

Your Own Border

Create Your Own Border Create Your Own Border
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