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For installing J2ME Polish download the latest release and start the installation either by double-clicking the file or by calling "java -jar j2mepolish-2.4.jar" from the command-line.
The installer of J2ME Polish contains a sample MIDlet application with two different designs. This application is optimized for Nokia Series 60 devices, so it is recommended to have such an emulator installed. The Nokia emulator can be retrieved from http://forum.nokia.com.
To build the sample application, run the included "sample/build.xml" from your favorite Java IDE or call "ant" from the command-line, after you have switched to the "sample" directory. Call "ant test j2mepolish" to skip the obfuscation and to enable the logging of the sample application. In that case the default emulator is also launched by J2ME Polish.

Requirements for Installing J2ME Polish

To use J2ME Polish, following components need to be installed:

Installation Problems

Here are common problems that might occur during the installation:

  • ZIP instead of JAR: some versions of Internet Explorer rename the extension of installer from .jar to .zip. In that case please rename the extension before starting the installation.
  • All files are extracted: sometimes a decompression utility feels responsible for .jar files. In that case either right-click the installer and choose to open it with Java or call the installer from the commandline using java -jar j2mepolish-${version}.jar, where ${version} denotes the current version number.
  • Where is the source? During the installation you have to actively select to install the sources within the package selection. Afterwards you will find the source in ${polish.home}/source.
  • Where is the devices.xml? Like the sources you have to actively select to install the device database during the installation. We recommend visiting http://devices.j2mepolish.org instead.
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