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Some aspects of J2ME Polish have been changed since J2ME Polish 1.x. On this page you will learn about the necessary changes to your build.xml scripts and polish.css design files.

Task Definition

In J2ME Polish 2.0 the enough-j2mepolish-build.jar moved from the import to the lib folder, so any task definitions within build.xml scripts have to be changed:

		:${polish.home}/lib/jdom.jar" />

We've done this change so that programmers can better distinguish between libraries that are only used during build time and libraries that are available on the phones (like the MMAPI for example) and that programmers would like to add to the classpath of their projects.

Screen Margins

In J2ME Polish 1.x margin and padding CSS attributes both resulted in the same space between the physycal border of a screen and its content. In J2ME Polish 2.0 margins produce actual margins between the physical border of a screen and the screen's background. This can be used for creating popup screens for example. So if there are now gaps showing in an application's screen, just use padding instead of margin for the respective screen's style in the polish.css file.

Layout of the Right Command

When using the extended menubar the default layout of the rightcommand CSS style has been changed from right to the item's default layout (left). This change allows us to realize layouts like center which have been not possible in J2ME Polish 1.x.

License Key

In J2ME Polish 1.x the license attribute of the <info> element described the used J2ME Polish license. This element is not supported anymore and is ignored. Existing J2ME Polish 1.x customers can upgrade to 2.x, please inquire for details by sending a query to j2mepolish(at)enough(dot)de.

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