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J2ME Polish 2.4 Documentation
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Download J2ME Polish at https://github.com/Enough-Software/j2mepolish/releases.

Installation Guide

The installation guide explains how to install J2ME Polish and integrate it into the commonly used IDEs.

Trouble Shooting

If you have installation problems, please make sure that you have downloaded the complete package. You can start the installation either by double-clicking the file or by calling "java -jar j2mepolish-[version].jar" from the commandline. Do not simply extract the downloaded JAR file!


Extensive HTML documentation is available online and also included in the J2ME Polish distribution. You may be interested in the great but outdated Pro J2ME Polish book. Pro J2ME Polish book

Source Code

You can download the latest source code from the Github repository. The installer includes the source code of J2ME Polish as well.

Third Party Tools

Following fine third party software is used by J2ME Polish:

  • Ant is the basis for the build tools and is not included in the distribution. It is licensed under the Apache license.
  • JDom The XML processing library JDOM is licensed under a Apache style license..
  • ASM is a very small and fast Java bytecode manipulation framework which is availabe under a BDS derived license.
  • RetroWeaver provides the basis for converting Java classes with Java 1.5 features back to the Java 1.2 class format and is provided under the BSD license. J2ME Polish includes a modified RetroWeaver version.
  • SVG Salamander is a SVG rendering engine availabe under GNU Lesser General Public License.
  • ProGuard is the default obfuscator and licensed under the GPL.
  • yGuard-library is a LGPL obfuscation library which can be used from within J2ME Polish.
  • RetroGuard 1.1.6 is a LGPL obfuscator which is included in J2ME Polish.
  • IzPack is great tool for creating installers, which is licensed under the GPL.
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