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J2ME Polish 2.4 Documentation
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Port your application to various Java and other handsets with J2ME Polish and it's innovative Janus technology.

The Platform Of Your Choice

Janus, the two faced god

Development Platforms

J2ME Polish allows you to develop, design and build your application on the platform of your choice: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or any other Java enabled operating system.
Since J2ME Polish is based on Ant - the Java standard for building applications - you can use it with every IDE. For Eclipse and NetBeans we have created plugins that speed up your development further.

Target Platforms

J2ME Polish supports the global Java ME/J2ME standard and runs on all MIDP enabled handsets.
J2ME Polish ports you app automatically to the BlackBerry and Android platforms.

Enough Software provides additional porting services for Windows Phone and iOS.


  1. Choose the development platform that suits you.
  2. Target any Java ME enabled phone.
  3. J2ME Polish ports your app automatically into a native BlackBerry and Android app.
  4. Let us port your Java ME application into a native Windows Phone or iOS app with our services.
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