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Access and exploit all device capabilities in your application with Marjory.

Device Database


Today's handset market is quite fragmented - starting at different screen resolutions but not stopping at various extensions or even bugs.

To overcome this device fragmentation barrier, J2ME Polish provides you with an Open Source device database that contains various information like the screen resolution, heapsize, known issues, available APIs and so on and so on.

You can use this information to adapt your application to your target platforms - this is done automatically for the user interface, or the serialization support within J2ME Polish, for example.

For porting your application to a wide range of devices you can also use Enough Software's services.


  1. Use a free, open source device database available at http://devices.j2mepolish.org
  2. Query the device database in any build phase and adjust your source code, design, configurations and resources to your target device easily.
  3. When using the J2ME Polish UI or other J2ME Polish API components, your application's code remains device independent.
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