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Load and save data with a single line of code!

Store Your Data


Storing data on a handset can be tricky, especially when you have complex structure like images or collections. Use J2ME Polish to automate this process - all you need to do is to implement an empty interface for storing your complex object trees in a highly optimized manner.


  1. Extremely easy to use - only a single call is needed for saving your data, another for reading your data. Keep control - if you like.
  2. You can choose between automatic and manual serialization of your data.
  3. The manual mode allows you to react to changes of your data structure, the automatic mode is the fastest way to a proof of concept.
  4. Store any kind of object with J2ME Polish, may it be your own class, a collection class, a complete object tree, primitive data like int arrays or even images - no problem for the persistence management of J2ME Polish!
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